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We couldve teamed up digging through this dirt…. what happened to “its you and me against the Universe”?

“I watch the way you try to keep your Mom happy, I learn that from you, youre suppose to learn that from Daddy.”


For better or for worse.

I dont need to hear you actually say it in order for your voice to resonate through out my day.


We Are Survivors
Walking in my head. At time this is how I feel it looks like.

Happy Mess

" It goes: I’m not perfect but I’m this that and this
My hands are dirty and I’m this that and this
You’ve been searching for this that and this
Let’s break the surface and make a little happy mess”

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Little Man
Atmosphere · You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
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All time favorite Slug track

Little Man - Atmosphere

Sometimes it feels like its me against the whole world.

Hi Mr. HUDSON! :)

I hope we can resolve this discreetly.

It takes dedication

But it takes a little more when it all gets tired.


“How many times must you prove you’re an angel? How many more demons do you have to strangle?”
- Atmosphere (Love Life)